Get to know Ernest

More about Ernest Gibson

Ernest Gibson is a passionate and driven professional who has been working with ASQ LED for the past six years. He began his journey with the company as an apprentice, learning the ins and outs of the business before taking on a more senior role.

Ernest’s expertise lies in developing quality systems that help streamline operations and ensure that customer needs are met. He also provides leadership and guidance to staff, helping them to develop their skills and reach their goals. Ernest prides himself on building strong relationships with colleagues and customers alike, making sure everyone feels valued and respected at all times.

One of Ernest’s proudest achievements while working at ASQ LED was his part in designing an improved product inspection process. The new system allowed for faster inspections, saving time without compromising quality assurance standards. This project was so successful that it helped propel the company forward as one of its major selling points in the industry.

Outside of work, Ernest likes to spend time with his family, play sports, and explore nature together. He also volunteers regularly at local charities to give back to his community whenever he can. His dedication to helping others is just one of many examples of why Ernest Gibson stands out as a leader within ASQ LED and beyond!