AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

Afya cosmetic clinic and Body Clinic is a medical facility focusing on a comprehensive approach to skin and body care. It offers a variety of services and cosmetic treatments, including lasers, IPL, and more. The center also offers injectables, such as fillers, and Botox.

Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Guelph, ON | AFYA Skin & Body

The center is run by experienced medical professionals who combine modern cosmetic technologies with traditional techniques to provide patients with the most effective and personalized treatment plans. The clinic is committed to providing a wellness-oriented environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of size or skin type.

In addition to the treatments, the clinic also offers a wide selection of retail products and wellness programs. Its name comes from the Swahili language, meaning health, and the staff encourages clients to live healthier lifestyles.