Canadian Humanitarians and Activists

A great many Canadian humanitarians have become world-renown, and we are fortunate to have them. Among them are the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s board of directors, Craig Kielburger, and AIDS-Free World. Mark has a long history with the United Nations, serving as UNICEF’s deputy executive director from 1995 to 1999. He was also Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations from 1984 to 1988. This list does not reflect the most recent changes made to the category.

There Are Many Other Canadian Humanitarians And Activists

Canadian humanitarian and activists

There are many other Canadian humanitarians and activists. Some of these are mentioned below. Larissa Dawson is a Jamaican-Metis woman from Calgary. She started her humanitarian work at an early age. She organized a fundraiser to build a library in Ghana and contributed to the Kainai Reserve Public Library. She completed her studies in environmental science and applied her anti-racism research to the renewable energy industry. She now works for the Women’s Refugee Commission and helps to protect vulnerable populations in Sierra Leone.

Larissa Dawson, a Metis and Jamaican woman, is a renowned human rights activist. She started her humanitarian work when she was just sixteen years old, launching a fundraiser to build a library in Ghana. She later helped to build a public library in her home province of Alberta. She graduated with double honours from York University, applying her anti-racism research to renewable energy policy. Today, she works for renewable energy policy and promotes anti-racism.