Explore Nature at Vipassna Bali

The beautiful Island of Vipassna Balinese is nestled in the Great Bamboo Reef in the Central Borneo. It is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled island of Borneo. The island was originally a penal settlement and from that period it became renowned for its amazing natural beauty. The island has now been transformed into a beautiful tropical paradise with the help of the modern tourism infrastructure and this has made the island famous all over the world. A small island, vipassna | The Istana is not big in size and hence can be visited easily by a single trip. It has four main islands and a number of smaller islands, all of which are well worth a visit.

The Secret Of Successful Explore Nature At Vipassna Bali

The first Island on the list is Kompong Phluk, situated to the north of the island. This is an excellent place to start your journey as it offers some wonderful sceneries and bird life. There are many diving options here and you can enjoy a comfortable boat ride over the sea, or you can opt for swimming. The next Island is Anau, which is a popular tourist destination as it is a picturesque beachfront village. You can take a relaxing stroll here and have a picnic as there are many restaurants serving delicious food on the island.

The third island is Wuyi, which is also known as Wuyinng. This is a small island with a number of unusual things to do. Its reef is filled with remarkable coral, which is extremely rare and beautiful. Many tourists spend their vacations on this island, as it offers the best Scuba diving in Borneo.

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