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Discover hidden gems of culture, heritage, science and recreation around Tucson and Southern Arizona. Explore on escorted day trips and extended excursions aboard luxury motor coaches with English-speaking Tour Guides.

The best guides can bring a place to life and help you connect with its spirit. They know what to point out that even the most observant travelers might miss. They share anecdotes and legends that add rich context to the places you visit. They are the people who can tell you how a pile of ancient stones became a mystical temple and explain the geological forces that shape a landscape. Find out https://ventito.is/things-to-do-in-iceland/day-tours-in-iceland/

On a visit to the Cliffs of Moher, your guide will share stories of Irish folklore and the natural forces that have shaped this spectacular landscape. They will also describe how the cliffs have inspired poets, artists and writers.

One of the great joys of an Explore adventure is exploring a place by bus, train, boat or bike and taking in the local scenery and character along the way. Often this is enhanced by local food and drink and other activities. For example, on a trip to the Cliffs of Moher you might spend some time in the vibrant city of Galway. Its colourful streets, cosy pubs and talented street performers are a perfect foil to the serenity of the cliffs.

Sunrise to Sunset: Embark on Epic Journeys with Day Tours

On many trips there is an opportunity to contribute to community based projects or support ecological conservation. This could be through buying local goods at a market or by visiting a site where the locals have worked to maintain its natural beauty. This is outlined in the Earth Matters box on each trip note.