How to Choose the Best Secondary Glazing for Your Home

best secondary glazing

For homeowners who wish to increase the insulation of their existing windows without compromising on the external look, secondary glazing is the answer. This simple and effective solution is also more cost-effective than replacement windows. It also helps to reduce noise pollution and improves energy efficiency. It’s especially useful in reducing outside noise and allowing you to enjoy a peaceful home environment. Read more

There are many types of secondary glazing available to suit your property. These range from magnetic secondary glazing, which is the cheapest and easiest to install, through to hinged or lift-out units that offer superior thermal and acoustic performance. You can also choose between sliding or fixed secondary glazing, depending on your requirements.

A Clear Choice: How to Select the Best Secondary Glazing for Windows

The spacing between the secondary glazing panels plays a crucial role in the insulative process, so it’s important to get this right. For this reason, double glazing is typically made bespoke and must be installed by professionals. With window secondary glazing, on the other hand, the process is far more adaptable. You can purchase the panels yourself and attempt to fit them, or you can have a professional glazier do it for you (which we would recommend).

Another advantage of using secondary glazing is that it can minimise condensation by completely sealing off your existing windows. This is because the gap between the two panes stops air from circulating, preventing it from getting colder and creating condensation. You can also find products that are child-safe, which is a great feature for parents with young children.