How to Use Kettlebell For Abs

how to use kettlebell for abs

Adding kettlebells to your abs workout is a great way to work the muscles in your core, and it’s also a good way to burn calories while targeting your abs. But, just like any exercise, it’s important to make sure you’re performing the moves correctly to avoid injury or discomfort.

The following kettlebell moves from December’s trainer of the month, Roxie Jones, are perfect for incorporating into your next workout. Just remember, it’s best to start with a lighter weight when you’re new to the exercise. This link how to use kettlebell for abs –

Kick off your kettlebell workout with a few sets of these moves, which target both the obliques and the muscles that stabilize your spine in the lower back. Start by standing with feet hip-width apart, holding the kettlebell by the handle in both hands. Start lowering the bell to the ground until it reaches around mid-calf height, then raise it back up to starting position. Perform 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps each side.

Stronger Core with Kettlebells: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Ab Workouts

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, the heavier kettlebell in front of you at chest height. With the left knee sweeping towards the floor, push into the right foot and pass the kettlebell under your front leg into the left hand. As your left leg returns to starting position, lift the body upwards into a plank. Repeat.

From a high plank, with wrists under shoulders and the kettlebell in the left hand, keep the core tight and shoulder blades pulled down to prevent hunching over. Using the strength of your core, reach across with the right hand to pull the kettlebell across and rest it on the opposite side of the body. One side-to-side drag counts as one rep.