The Dangers of Nangs


The word nangs refers to a whipped cream. It can be made with N2O, which gives it its creamy texture. This substance can be used to make a variety of desserts, and it is also a popular recreational drug during aristocratic parties. This drug was later banned from social gatherings.

Great Way To Relieve Stress

It is not illegal in Australia, although some states restrict the sale of nangs to adults and cap the number of them that can be purchased in a single transaction. In Australia, however, nangs are considered a food product and can be bought for $10 per ten. While it is not illegal in all states, it is not recommended for minors to take nangs.

Although nangs have many advantages, there are several risks associated with them. First of all, nitrous oxide can be dangerous for humans. Because it blocks the supply of oxygen to the brain, it can cause severe damage. Furthermore, it can make a person disoriented and prone to falling.

Nitrous oxide in nangs can cause serious side effects, such as suppressing the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12. The chemical is also very cold, so it can burn a user’s face, lips, and throat. In rare cases, the user may asphyxiated and die.