The Largest Disc Golf Courses in North America

The smallest, yet most spectacular park in all of North America is Torrey Pines Park. Home to the Torrey Pines Disc Golf Course, the park is two miles long. There are 18 holes total, which includes three putting greens and one water hazard. The course is made up of mostly indoors as well as out of doors, so there is plenty of room for practice and recuperation. Torrey Pines has grown in popularity over the years, but the largest disc golf course in the area is still a top spot. Find Out – reference

How to get The Largest Disc Golf Courses in North America

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A little south of downtown San Diego is the largest disc golf course on the West Coast, Peacock Springs. Like many old Victorian towns, the architecture is steeped in history. The putting green at Peacock Springs carries some of the oldest known discs in the world, while the hotel that houses the course and the park itself date back to the 1930s. Many tourists come here to take in the history of this lovely resort town, which is famous for its live bands and its delicious food.

The last piece of North American turf to receive recognition as the largest disc golf course is Tijuana. It is actually a smaller version of Peacock Springs, with only a few holes. However, despite its size, Tijuana has developed a devoted following due to its ability to produce large quantities of high quality tees. While it is not nearly as popular as the other parks mentioned here, it is worthy of being included.