What’s Hot in Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

Beauty standards permeate almost every culture – from the way we compare iridescent plumes and coats to the way we scrutinize the looks of a new crush. Thanks to social media and capitalism, however, those standards have taken on a distorted form. Whether that’s through a celebration of creativity driven by a diverse community on TikTok, or bald positivity movements challenging male hair loss stigmas spearheaded by millennials on Instagram, beauty trends are celebrating individualism while still rewriting the rules of gender norms and product categories. Go here beautycrew.com.au

Aiming for the flawless, glass skin look that’s a hallmark of Korean beauty, brands like Peach and Lily, Glow Recipe, and Innisfree are promoting dewy jelly-textured moisturizers and niacinamide-infused glow drops. With products like these attracting major investors, it’s clear that the K-Beauty trend is here to stay in 2022.

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Bringing an energetic and playful touch to makeup this season, neon colors are all the rage. From bright neon pinks to electric blues, these vibrant hues instantly elevate and boost one’s mood. Adding to the color palette, neon nails are also making a big impact.

Lastly, we’re seeing a growth in at-home beauty treatments and wellness tools that offer salon or spa-level results. Brands such as Silk’N’s laser treatment for permanent hair removal, Theradome’s at-home teeth whitening, and The Body Shop’s LED light therapy are all seeing an increase in demand as consumers seek out at-home options that deliver salon-level results.