Swaiser and Cable Swaiser Without a Tool

Cable Swage and Cable Fit are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but which are actually very different. A Cable Swaiser, is a heavy duty swab that is used in drilling holes for cable wires. Cable Fit, on the other hand, is a device that is used to apply pressure on a ferrule. A Cable Swaiser has a slot on one of its ends that allows a standard sized ferrule to be inserted into the hole without creating any unsightly “humps” in the drilled hole. Cable Fit devices are available in a number of different sizes that allow you to apply the appropriate pressure for the job you are performing.

How to Swaiser and Cable Swaiser Without a Tool

cable swage

A Cable Swaiser is not intended to be used on smaller diameter cable wires as they will almost always pop out of the hole if applied too much pressure. Cable Fit’s should always be used on larger diameter cables as they provide more friction to the fitting. When applying a Cable Swaiser to a ferrule it is important to have your vice grip tight at all times. Never apply too much pressure on the vice grip while using it, as this may cause the ferrule to slip off the loop. Once the ferrule has been slipped off the loop, the swaiser should then be placed back into the loop and the process repeated until all the cable wires are routed with no errors. It may also be necessary to adjust the Cable Swaiser while it is being used to ensure that the loop is correctly secured to the swaiser.

Another option for swaging cables without a tool other than a vice grip is to use cable tie wire. Cable tie wire consists of a wire made of heavy gauge wire that is wrapped around a smaller diameter swaiser. Many companies supply this type of swaiser to the construction industry as it is extremely rugged and will not require the use of any tools when applying it. The advantages of using Cable Tie are that it provides a consistent pressure that is very effective at routing cables without the need for a swaiser or tool. Cable tie is available in a number of different colors and is ideal for laying down cable runs, but due to the weight of the wire, it is typically only used in the installation industry.