Building a Concrete Warehouse

When you’re building a warehouse, your goal is to create a space that can house and protect all of your products in an environment that’s comfortable for employees to work in and presents a positive image to any visiting executives, partners or potential clients. You also need a facility that can do all this while remaining efficient, affordable and safe from break-ins.URL:

Choosing the right construction material makes all the difference. There’s no doubt that concrete is the material of choice for many builders, especially when it comes to building warehouses. Other materials can’t match the versatility of concrete as it can be molded on-site or in a factory to fit your design needs.

Understanding the Environmental Impact of Concrete Warehouse Flooring

The most popular construction method for a warehouse is metal framing, which consists of I-beam columns and rafters, metal girts and purlins, and metal cladding (roof and wall panels). It’s estimated that 95% of new industrial buildings are constructed using this type of steel.

The cost of a warehouse varies greatly depending on the size, materials used, accessories, and customizations. For example, a turnkey 50×100-square foot warehouse with a concrete slab foundation costs $6-$7 per square foot. This includes the foundation, forming and pouring, rebar, and finishing. The price of a warehouse can also vary based on whether it’s a steel or precast concrete building. The latter is less expensive and requires fewer customizations to suit your business needs. It also allows you to get started quickly and avoid costly delays that can occur when you’re working with local government officials regulating inspections, permits, and other key factors that may impact your project schedule.