Register in a Temporary Employment Agency

S’inscrire en boite d’intérim  or temporary employment agencies, connect businesses with workers for short-term and low-commitment jobs. This arrangement lets workers find temporary work, while it helps companies avoid hiring and firing a full-time employee for a role that doesn’t require their long-term skills. The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) regulates these firms. It requires them to register, and it has the authority to examine their books and records, subpoena witnesses and conduct investigations to ensure compliance with regulations.

Balancing Business and Functional Skills: Strategies for Success

When you register in a temporary employment agency, you put your resume directly in front of a company’s hiring manager rather than into a database that is quickly overwhelmed with applications. If the job is a fit for your skills and experience, you can turn it into a permanent position.

Some jobs that require special skills or industry expertise are only available through temp agencies. For example, a computer software firm needs an experienced programmer for just two months to update a suite of programs. A specialized temp agency will likely be able to fill that need.

Before you start a temp agency, consider your financial strategy and your goals. You will need to establish a business bank account and credit lines that are used exclusively for your temp agency, to separate your personal finances from your company’s. To attract clients, you will also need to create a brand identity that reflects your services, values and unique selling proposition. This can be done through a website that showcases your services and success stories.