Come and Take It Flags Collection

Come and Take It Flags Collection

Originally displayed at the first land battle of the Texas Revolution in 1835, the Come and Take It Flag has since become an enduring symbol of defiance. The simple message of resistance embodies a spirit of independence and self-determination that continues to resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Come and Take It Flags Collection can be seen in many contexts today, from embroidered on caps and splashed across modern streetwear to painted on murals and fraternity walls and even tattooed onto the biceps of true blue Texans. This is largely because the symbol has found its way into popular culture through numerous art forms, including films and music videos.

A recurring motif in popular fiction, the flag has been featured in works by authors like Cormac McCarthy and Ernest Hemingway. In Hemingway’s short story “The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio”, a character owns a Come and Take It Flag that serves as a reminder of his strength and resolve to fight for his freedom.

Come and Take It: Dive into the Flags Collection

In the modern era, the Come and Take It Flag has also been used to promote gun rights and other conservative political views. For instance, the slogan was used in a 2022 music video by rock musician Ted Nugent, who is known for his staunch support of gun rights.

While the symbol’s relevance is often debated, the message of resisting tyranny will remain relevant as long as people continue to believe in their right to live free and defend themselves against those who try to oppress them. This is why the Come and Take It Flag continues to be a powerful image that symbolizes hope for all those who stand up against injustice.